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Street furniture includes equipment such as bollards, litter bins, benches and barriers designed to be installed in car parks, streets, roads and other busy urban spaces.

Street furniture includes equipment such as bollards, litter bins, benches and barriers designed to be installed in car parks, streets, roads and other busy urban spaces.

The role of street furniture is important and serves a multitude of functions - for instance it enables the smooth flow of pedestrian mobility to get safely from one area to another with minimum risk, it can help block access to no-go areas for passengers or vehicles like cars or lorries, and it can promote road safety through protective equipment to signpost dangers or areas prone to damage. Some products within our street furniture range can also help keep areas tidy and free from clutter such as litter bins, which brings with it some risks such as trip hazards as well as upkeep and maintenance costs if not adhered to.

With a huge variety of high quality, durable products in stock ready to ship, Barriers Direct is your one stop shop for supplying and installing street furniture in all types of environment. Don’t forget, we also offer installation so you can ensure your products are fitted to a high standard. 

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Lamp Post Protectors

A familiar sight on pavements and in busy retail parks, lamp post protectors shield lamp posts, bollards, trees and telegraph poles from impact and even provide a handy spot for securing bikes

Our best-selling low-level lamp post protector can be bolted down or concreted in and is made from durable galvanised steel,  strong enough to withstand inevitable, occasional knocks.  If it’s trees you are looking to protect in a public park or city centre, a galvanised tree guard may be what you’re after, available in a range of finishes and colours. 

As our future looks greener and the popularity of electric cars grows, why not also check out our EV charging point protection to prevent your electric charging points from vehicle damage?

Lawn Markers, Chain Posts and Knee Rails

Often seen on residential kerb sides or grass verges, lawn markers and knee rails are simple to install and ideal for creating visibility of a kerb or carriageway to stop unwanted vehicles parking outside a house and ruining grass with tread marks. For similar products with a different finish, be sure to explore our concrete, wooden and illuminated bollards range. 

Chain posts help cordon off or block access to hazardous or no access areas like parking spaces, roadwork sites and exclusive areas. Popular in shops and garden centres, we provide temporary chain posts with various base options (concrete, rubber or hollow bases that can be filled with sand or water) so posts can be freely lifted and relocated when required.  For more permanent fixtures, bolt down chain posts provide the perfect solution, whilst stretch belt barriers are ideal when floor space is at a premium, providing maximum impact and clear demarcation. 

Trolley Bay Protection

Rogue trolleys and bins rolling around car parks pose risks to pedestrians and both parked and moving vehicles - make sure you provide a clear point for customers to safely park their trolley after shopping! 

Storage in one area is not only safer but looks smarter and reduces the time car park patrol staff allocate to collecting trolleys, with fewer needing to be retrieved. With smart easy clean steel finishes, our trolley bay and wheelie bin protection also come in different heights, widths and finishes that are bound to suit your budget and preference.

Shelters, Canopies and Walkways

Protect staff, passengers and customers from the elements with our range of shelters, canopies and walkways. Our full coverage shelter units provide popular walkway solutions within outdoor spaces such as bus stops, hospitals and office car parks to shield people from unpleasant weather like rain, snow and wind, whilst wall-mounted canopies provide smaller areas of overhead cover for visitors at your door or other assembly points such as workplace smoking areas, perhaps where floor space or budget is tight. 

Bicycle shelters safely cover parked bicycles and e-scooters and come with different roof shelter protection styles and panel options to prevent wind and rain coming through. If your business is part of the Cycle to Work scheme, bike stands are a must.  We also supply a great range of bike racks for fitting inside, which can be either bolted down or concreted in - don’t forget, we can also help you with the installation! Get in touch to find out more.  

Many of our shelters, canopies and walkways are modular, meaning sections can link  together to fit your requirements, providing true flexibility.  Installing two shelters opposite each other creates a compound, for example, whilst walkways can be linked together to create a specific size to fit your outdoor requirements. 

Litter Bins, Ash Trays and Grit Bins

Complement your shelters, canopies and walkways with smaller street furniture items in similar colours and finishes, helping give schools, GP surgeries and other public or privately-owned spaces a smart, cohesive feel. 

The presence of litter bins and ash trays help keep your environment tidy and free from unsightly litter, whilst our choice of stackable grit bins available in a range of colours and sizes enable you to get well prepared for icy weather conditions. Outdoor seating is also available in cast iron, wooden and galvanised steel for maximum durability and comfort. 

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