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Metal Hoops

At Barriers Direct, we bring you the top UK selection of metal hoops providing you with sturdy, reliable barriers suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial settings. Whether you are looking for barriers for a warehouse, factory, commercial or residential area, we have just what you’re looking for. Stocking a huge range of designs to meet your requirements, as well as your budget. Hoop barriers control vehicle heights and secure access to buildings and premises. They also separate parking spaces and ensure that vehicles are protected from colliding with one another. 


At Barriers Direct we offer free UK delivery and express delivery on all products so that your buying process is as fast and simple as possible. 

Our metal hoops selection is made from steel, iron and other strong materials so they can withstand direct impacts from vehicles. Barriers can be bolted directly into the ground or cemented into place for permanent and secure placement. Some barriers are designed to flex on contact, helping to absorb the energy from impact. This helps prevent serious damage to the barrier and to the vehicle involved. Our hooped perimeter barrier hoops are sturdy, reliable and effective. The metal hoops secure site perimeters and provide a solid obstacle to vehicle access. They also mark boundaries, form trolley parks and protect door entrances and exits.


Our metal hoops UK range include designs that are low to the ground, while still retaining enough height to create effective barriers. These low products help to decrease the use of materials to help reduce cost, while also helping to make them more discreet for aesthetic appeal. Other designs are at a right angle, making effective corner barriers that help to protect installations in warehouses and factories. Some of our designs also include solid infills or horizontal mid-rails for further protection.


Designs are available in vivid black and yellow markings for clear visibility to help prevent collisions. A selection of other finishes and colours are also available for aesthetics as well as visibility.

·  Made from strong steel or iron
·  Fixed firmly in place with bolts or cement
·  Flexible, shock absorbing designs available
·  Straight or right-angle designs for corner protection
·  Available in a range of finishes, including black and yellow for high visibility
·  Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential settings

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