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Looking to secure the perimeters of your estate or site? Palisade fencing provides an unrivalled solution in preventing unauthorised trespasser access and protecting private land, such as commercial premises or local authorities. 

Palisade Fencing

Looking to secure the perimeters of your estate or site? Palisade fencing provides an unrivalled solution in preventing unauthorised trespasser access and protecting private land, such as commercial premises or local authorities. 

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Palisade fencing is particularly popular in areas that demand high levels of security, such as road, rail, education, retail and industrial sectors.  As well as being hard wearing, it provides a strong visual deterrent to help prevent attacks and unauthorised entry, delivering excellent protection and reassurance.  Within our product range we offer different fence heights and pale top options, including D and W section pale profiles designed with resistance in mind to prevent bending, removal attempts and and other tampering acts caused by intruders.  Manufactured from robust steel, our palisade fencing range comes galvanised as standard for maximum protection against rust. We can also supply green and black powder coating options where available to best complement your environment, whilst further adding protection from the elements. 

Looking to enhance your level of security further? We can provide a number of additional fencing features including triple spiked tops, razor wire coils, barbed wire and rotating spikes to help further maximise reinforcement.  Get in touch with us today to find the best solution for your needs.  


How much does it cost to put up palisade fencing?

This entirely depends on the fencing style, height and length you require. Barriers Direct sells a wide range of high quality palisade fencing in different heights and finishes all at competitive prices - we can also assist with a high quality installation service nationwide too, thanks to our dedicated team of professional installers.  

The best solution is to browse our product options and if you need help, our support team is on hand to assist with any quotations, general queries or measurement advice you may need. 

What is the difference between paladin and palisade fencing?

Paladin fencing consists of fence posts and rigid mesh panelling, ideal for segregating  locations like schools, business parks or retail units. Its ease of installation makes it a great economical solution for lower/medium security risk areas, and can often be lower in cost compared with its palisade fencing counterparts.  You can explore our Urban Mesh Fencing range for examples of paladin fences in a range of different finishes and sizes. 

Palisade fencing on the other hand consists of fence posts and strong steel pales (stakes) which are usually concreted into the ground and affixed onto sturdy horizontal running rails at the top and bottom, providing a versatile, strong and reliable fencing solution for years to come. We provide different sizes, heights and finishes of palisade fencing depending on your requirements, and the pale tops can be customised too for maximum security and peace of mind. 

What is an alternative to palisade fencing?

Urban mesh fences are our close alternative to palisade fencing, providing effective demarcation whilst not completely obscuring the visibility of the location itself, for example to highlight the perimeter of a train station.  Their tight mesh panels also provide an effective anti-climb feature. 

If general separation is what’s required without a need to restrict pedestrian access - for instance to demarcate areas which are inaccessible to vehicles like footpaths and car park perimeters - we would advise looking at our range of street bollards, stainless steel bollards, fixed steel bollards or removable steel bollards. 

What is the advantage of a palisade fence?

There are many reasons why investing in palisade fencing is a sound choice:

What is the lifespan of palisade fencing?

Palisade fencing is renowned for withstanding the test of time, which is why it still remains such a popular choice today. Its rigid structure and hard wearing steel construction means that a typical fence correctly installed will enjoy a long lifespan for many years to come. 

All our products come with a one year warranty as standard, so you can be sure you are buying with confidence. 

How secure is palisade fencing?

Palisade fencing remains one of the top preferred security fence solutions on the market, here are some of the advantages:

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